Champagne Luxury Cruises

"Luxury Event Cruises"

Lake Travis Sunset

All-Inclusive Cruise Rates based on number of people:

New Rates Effective September 1, 2017

2-4   Persons -  $495 Hour             3 Hour Minimum on all Cruises

5-8   Persons -  $555 Hour             

9-12 Persons -  $595 Hour

All Cruises include: Full Complimentary Bar, Light Hors d'oeuvres.  Optional

food can be provided with an up charge.  We can customize your Cruise

                                                                                  package to meet your needs.

                                                                                  All Cruises also include: floats, life jackets, Ice, Water, Mixers, etc.


                                                                                  Please allow a minimum of 24 hr notice when booking charters!